Hand-Off Study

Do you have a person who contains a lot of institutional knowledge and know how? This service builds a transferable knowledge and experience capture. It is custom built to the organizational needs. This product delivers an in depth collection and continuity product to afford the next in line or for the organization at large critical knowledge before it is gone. Grab the knowledge they have before it is too late.

Podcast as a Service


The great thing about building knowledge products for audio is low cost and quick distribution across your enterprise or out to your constituents.

Our products include complete end to end production or à la carte based upon your need; on air talent, editing, recording, producing and transcription services.

Because You Need To Know
The KM Lobby Show


Municipal Knowledge Works

Challenge your town to be better stewards and democratize the knowledge as a civic asset.

Pioneer Knowledge Services views that a knowledge ecosystem of a municipality must serve to build a culture and the constituents that it serves. This creates an economic opportunity for the municipality in the creation of a sustainable knowledge asset that withstands elections, political parties and personalities.

Meet Ideate Network Grow (MING)

A very precise and intentional digital mini-conference designed to invigorate and build organizational or team strength. A digital framework for free range knowledge and connection growth. Invigorate your operational future. Ready to start MING`ing??


KM TV is our premier video streaming of popular podcast shows from, Because You Need To Know and The KM LOBBY.


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