KM? Why?

What does that all  mean to me?

       What is the impact to my organization? Why do I care? Well consider that in 2012 64 million employees (half the US workforce) are able to telecommute at least part time. These folk are working in a knowledge role somehow. The work is being done in a remote fashion. Thus skills around knowledge handling, transfer, storage and work expectations are distinct.

In the book, Wellsprings of Knowledge, Dorothy Leonard depicts  knowledge development requires action. According to Leonard, “Thus, knowledge building for an organization occurs by combining people’s distinct individualities with a particular set of activities. It is this combination that enables innovation, and it is this combination that managers manage.”

In any business sector, be that for profit or “for Purpose”  (non profit), the challenge will be the way they operate and how they will meet the knowledge, innovation and technology expectations to remain relevant.

How we as a culture have changed with technology leads organizations to keep pace.
Measuring America: A Digital Nation[Source: U.S. Census Bureau]


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