The Need

The Need.

Every day, we are increasingly faced with knowledge-based challenges. Creating cultures that empower knowledge development, knowledge transfer, knowledge handling and, ultimately, quick access to knowledge to enable decision making is what Pioneer Knowledge Services aims to do.  We nurture knowledge cultures among individuals and nonprofits alike. 

Evidence of the increasing importance of knowledge management can be found on the pages of most business and trade magazines today. Trust that enables sharing is highlighted in HR Magazine’s by Pamela Babcock (2004),  “Trust and a willingness to share information—not control it—are…key attributes than can lead to successful knowledge management programs.”  Babcock further advocates “baking knowledge into” key job workflows as well as building knowledge sharing into performance appraisal and incentive programs. 

According to the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report, a survey of nonprofits across the U.S.,  the biggest challenges for nonprofit communicators was the lack of time to produce quality content. Other top knowledge-related challenges were:

  • Inability to measure effectiveness
  • Producing engaging content
  • Producing enough content
  • Difficulty integrating communications channels


We are pioneers bringing knowledge management (KM) expertise, education and awareness to the public and other nonprofits. 


And you thought your outfit was the only organization that had challenges with knowledge sharing?


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