The Board

Board of Directors

Kathryn Dillon Hogan, M.S.

Kate has served in higher education administration for more than 30 years. Her experience includes strategic planning, budgeting, leadership and compliance. Kate has held leadership positions at private, public and for profit institutions at the university and community college level. Her positions have enabled her to develop expertise in bringing together different points of view and expectations in a collegial and successful way. Kate has provided training for staff development and leadership to related organizations and committees. As a volunteer, Kate has served on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Cactus/Pine Girl Scout Council.

Richard Parlato

Richard Parlato

I have started and served for organizations in the profit and not for profit sector over the past 40 years. I am a Serial Entrepreneur.

For profit businesses:

Resources Inc, Marketing and Public Relations company Founder
Network Services, New England Telephone sales agent Founder
Parlato Productions LLC, Media event production company Founder
Proximity, Videoconferencing service company Founder Horn, Web Conferencing company EVP

Not for Profit:

CCTV, Center for Media & Democracy, Founding member and board chair
Vermont Mozart Festival, Classical music series board member and chair
Chautauqua Property Owners Association, Board member
Chautauqua Dance Circle, Board member

Madison Jaronski

Madison is a Knowledge Management Consultant with expertise in facilitating and collaborating with federal and commercial clients to achieve solutions which reflect an organization’s unique challenges. She is an adept facilitator and strategist who has helped numerous clients successfully execute all aspects of knowledge and information management efforts from identification, strategy, and design, through implementation and on-going management of the program. Madison frequently leverages Gamification as a tool for promoting and sustaining knowledge management efforts, while increasing stakeholder buy-in and ownership. As a volunteer, Madison serves as an Alumnae Advisor to her alma mater’s Pi Beta Phi Chapter, where she empowers women to discover their leadership potential as executive council members. 


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