Sponsor Script

Podcast Sponsor Script Sheet

The announcement can state the sponsor’s corporate or trade name, or the name of the sponsor’s product, tagline, slogan, vision, or mission. The message to be read by PKS and is to be supplied by the sponsor. The script will not exceed 23 words in length. The sponsor will provide a front version and a back version of script, similar but different. Once recorded the recorded messages will be approved by the sponsor before use. The secret to host-read podcast ads is that the host understands their audience and has built trust with them. • Remember that the listeners don’t have the same visual aid as opposed to television or online video. • Audio programs are at their best when they sound natural, whether they are fully scripted or not. • Ensure your grammar is concise and succinct. • Write the way you speak.

Front and back makes a slightly different version. Play with it and have fun. Know that this process may go back and forth a bit.
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