GuruScan and PKS Partner in Innovative New Service

GuruScan and Pioneer Knowledge Services are two innovative organizations that aim to help individuals and organizations leverage their knowledge and the knowledge of others.  Based on this joint interest in providing useful connections of people with expertise resulted in a partnership that will provide use of GuruScan, an expertise location system.

It will be made available at no cost to the following:

  • Attendee/presenter/volunteer of the Midwest KM Symposium
  • A sponsor of Pioneer Knowledge Services
  • Guests on our podcast
  • Volunteers

This initiative of Bart Verheijen (GuruScan)  and Edwin K. Morris (Pioneer Knowledge Services) aims to connect all who need help in seeking expertise around the globe.

This will be presented at the Midwest Knowledge Management Symposium 6-7 June.

 Sponsor This Service

  • Sponsor is listed on the landing page of the Web based tool
  • Sponsor will be guest on podcast
  • Sponsor will be highlighted at conference beginning as we provide a 20 minute introduction to the attendees
  • Sponsorship is for three years starting at 1July
  • Acknowledged on all preceding webinars


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