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Nobody listens to podcasts you say?

According to Nielson US consumers invest nearly 12 hours a day to media consumption according to the Infinite Dial 2020 report weekly consumption of podcasts of 6 hours and 39 minutes. Further it points out that listenership crested 100 million podcast consumers in 2020


Did you ever consider reimagining how you communicate internally and externally?

Content might serve a different element and purpose in the form of a podcast.

podcasting as a service from Pioneer Knowledge Services creates this capacity in your organization.

Podcast as a Service

We create learnings and sharings that are utilized interorganizational. We will develop a web of expertly produced podcasts that elicit knowledge, experience and perspective. Consider it a chance to invite your people to gather around the organizational fire and share stories and experiences with intent and design. These could then be integrated into your learning management system to become continuing education and on boarding opportunities.  

Grab the knowledge they have before it is too late.