Podcasts that your workforce®

Conservative estimates suggest nearly 60 percent of U.S. consumers listen to podcasts.  That percentage is growing every day.

Why?  Because podcasts are a portable, accessible and effective way to share information and invite engagement.  So, why aren’t more organizations using them as part of their internal communication mix?

The fact is, many organizations are unleashing the power of podcasts to assist with employee recruitment, orientation, retention and promotion.  But, if you don’t have an internal audio producing team – how can this become a viable strategy for you?

That’s where Pioneer Knowledge Services comes in.  We exist to help you capture and share organizational knowledge in the podcast format.

The great thing about building knowledge products for audio is low cost and quick distribution across your enterprise or out to your constituents.

Our products include complete end to end production or à la carte based upon your need; on air talent, editing, recording, producing and transcription services.

Empower your teams to power your nonprofit mission.