This Podcast was such brilliant fun. Edwin K. Morris is perhaps the 'Parkinson' of podcast interviewers, making for a fascinating conversation with Edwin, Monica Danese-Perrin, MSc and Ginetta Gueli.

Sue Lacey Bryant

Chief Knowledge Officer, NHS England. Chair, CILIP Board; Executive Coach; UK MCBK Steering Group.; FedIP Management Bd.; HILJ Editorial Advisory Board

The world of Knowledge Management is quite a broad discipline. With disciplines focused on everything from corporations to third world development, there are surprisingly few links between the various communities and that manage to transfer the tacit know-how and insights that make a difference. Pioneer spans that gap. Edwin is a master interviewer and seems to be able to draw out the critical points. If KM is a shoelace, drawing together the various parts of an organisation or community, than Pioneer K.S. is a shoelace of shoelaces, bringing together the best knowledge managers and ideas from around the globe.

Stuart French

Program Manager, Knowledge at Country Fire Authority (CFA)

I had the pleasure of working with Pioneer Knowledge Services with Edwin! From start to finish, the experience was nothing short of exceptional.
Edwin is an outstanding host with an awesome sense of humour and an incredible voice! He was professional and truly invested in ensuring that the final product met our needs and exceeded our expectations.
One of the things that stood out to me was the level of communication and collaboration. He was always available to answer questions and provide updates, and he was open to feedback and willing to make adjustments as needed. The result was a high-quality podcast that perfectly captured the message and tone. I would highly recommend Edwin to anyone in need of professional podcast services.

Carolina Trigo

Project and Product Manager | Solving customer problems with tech | Project Manager @ DevScope

Pioneer Knowledge Services is a very significant leader in the knowledge management (KM) community. Its “Because You Need to Know” podcast series provides an outstanding educational service for knowledge managers and organisational leaders not just in the United States, but around the world. It’s a great pleasure to be able to collaborate with them.

Bruce Boyes

PhD candidate, RealKM Magazine

In a turbulent and fragmented world, it has never been more important to make sense together of the transformations that affect us. It is not more information that we need, but more knowledge. Pioneer Knowledge Service is committed to making intelligent and useful knowledge available to all. A mission of the utmost importance, which PKS fulfills with excellence.

Céline Schillinger

Author of 'Dare to Un-Lead', Porchlight 2022 Leadership & Strategy Book of the Year, Thinkers50 Best New Management Booklist 2023. Founder & CEO at We Need Social

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