KM is Change Management: Asian Development Bank and the #KMAlchemy

  Mary Jane Carangal
San Jose Senior Knowledge Management Officer,  

Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, Asian Development Bank

Since 2013, Jane has been working with the Knowledge Advisory Services Center (SDCC-KC) on creating a database of knowledge partnerships and related policies, enhancing country knowledge plans, and preparing ADB’s Knowledge Management Action Plan for 2021 to 2025.  Jane also leads the work on measuring the results of ADB’s knowledge work. She holds an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of the Philippines and a master’s degree in Advanced Marketing from the University of New South Wales.  

  Vivek Raman
Principal Knowledge Management Specialist (Innovation and Knowledge),

Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department, Asian Development Bank

Vivek works in the Knowledge Advisor Services Center of ADB and provides advice on knowledge management and innovation best practices to support ADBs teams. This includes streamlining knowledge programs at the country level and engagements with knowledge partners for ADB projects.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) has focused on knowledge management processes since its establishment in 1966. While ADB was founded as a bank to provide development funding, we are also a valued knowledge advisor to our member countries.” – ADB Vice-President for Knowledge Management Bambang Susantono

Today we have proudly launched the book and microsite— Asian Development Bank’s Knowledge Management in Action: Vision, Learning, and Collaboration

In his opening speech, Bambang Susantono explains how this book shows how ADB has walked-the-talk on spearheading operations with adapted knowledge through many initiatives. According to him, this means that ADB’s operations and knowledge-focus evolved—from project to sector, from country to more regional approaches. It led to an increase in knowledge-supported operations.



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