KM Lobby-International Organization for Migration: Knowledge in South America with Susanne Melde

Regional Knowledge Management Strategy and Action Plan 2022–2027 of IOM in South America

Dr. Susanne Melde’s main areas of work are knowledge management and migration data.

Ms. Melde has 15 years of experience in working on migration data analysis and governance at IOM. Since June 2021, she is the Regional Knowledge Management Officer of IOM´s Regional Office for South America in Buenos Aires. Previously she coordinated the Global Migration Data Portal and from 2019 to 2021 chaired the Core Working Group developing the Knowledge Platform and Connection Hub of the UN inter-agency Network on Migration, known as the Migration Network Hub.

She has a BA in International Relations from the Technical University of Dresden, Germany; an MA in Human Rights and a PhD in Migration Studies from Sussex University in the UK and speaks 5 languages.