Nancy M. Dixon – Because You Need To Know – Pioneer Knowledge Services

Is your organization learning? Does the culture have the trust to collaborate well? Find out what it takes to enable knowledge flow with our guest Nancy M. Dixon PhD.
This was recorded 26 Mar 2019.
Edwin K. Morris is the president and founder of Pioneer Knowledge Services which produces this educational program, Because You Need To Know. It is part of the mission to educate and bring awareness around knowledge management and nonprofit concerns.
Common Knowledge Associates

Nancy M. Dixon is a former academic turned consultant. Before starting her own company in 2000, Common Knowledge Associates, she was a tenured professor and Department Chair of Administrative Sciences at the George Washington University, and before that a professor at the University of Texas. Her current research is focused on how to create psychologically safe environments for teams, both virtual and face-to-face to learn with and from each other. She believes that organizations learn when groups across the organization hold regular reflective conversations about work issues. Her latest thinking can be found in her blog

Dr. Dixon has worked with a wide range of corporate, government and non-profit organizations, including Huawai Technologies Ltd., Bose, ConocoPhillips, Ecopetrol, Netherlands Railroad, the US Army, the Defense Intelligence Agency, USAID, United Way World Wide, The World Bank Group and NASA.