WNY 211 with Kelly Dodd

Edwin K. Morris President and founder of Pioneer Knowledge Services hosts this program, “Because you need to know,” It is part of the mission to educate and bring awareness around knowledge management.
Recorded May 2015. Kelly Dodd has worked with 2-1-1 Western New York since its launch in 2007, at first as a program of the Central Referral Service and now with the Olmsted Center for Sight…a result of the merger of Central Referral Service into Olmsted. She is concerned with access to services, especially for low income or disadvantaged populations. Kelly serves on the board of the New York State affiliate of the Alliance of Information & Referral Systems, NYSAIRS and the WNY Coalition for the Homeless. Kelly volunteers with the Free Tax Preparation network and has also volunteered as a Citizenship Tutor with Journey’s End Refugee Services. She credits her mother for her awareness of social justice issues.