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How does a culture of sharing develop and become a knowledge ecosystem? Find out what Rocio knows about the elements that can influence collaborative organizations.

Of Spanish nationality, Rocio Sanz is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland and has over 20 years of work experience in the fields of communication, public information, media and humanitarian emergency responses. And over 15 years working on knowledge management and information architecture.
She has worked in the Balkans region (Croatia, Kosovo and Albania), Papua New Guinea, Iraq, Colombia, Switzerland and Egypt, with numerous deployments to conflict situation zones and natural disaster affected areas. Her work on Knowledge Management started “officially” in 2007 working at the Emergency and Post-Crisis Division of the International Organization for Migration, a UN Agency. The 2010 Earthquake in Haiti was the first successful result of the Knowledge-Based approach.
In Egypt, during the Arab Spring she worked for UNICEF in the country developing knowledge products, a knowledge management strategy and the internal knowledge-based system based on SharePoint. Her engagement with UNICEF started after a country programme evaluation.
Since her arrival to Geneva in 2015, she works as consultant on KM issues. Her last engagement -still on-going- is the support to the IOM Regional Office in Costa Rica in the development of the Knowledge Hub for Migration ( and the support to Headquarters in the development of knowledge sharing tools that include user-friendly products and participatory internal trainings that contribute to culture change. A growing interest on Customer Intelligence has made her participate at the first International Customer Knowledge Management Conference that took place in Teheran September 2018.

Recorded 13 Nov 2019
Edwin K. Morris is the president and founder of Pioneer Knowledge Services which produces this educational program, Because You Need To Know. It is part of the mission to educate and bring awareness around knowledge management and nonprofit concerns.