Better Communities of Practice with Andrew Trickett

Andrew is recognized globally across Arup as a subject matter expert on Knowledge Management especially around capturing and applying Lessons Learnt and Communities of Practice (COP). Andrew has designed and delivered numerous innovative and engaging workshops with employees from numerous disciplines up to executive level.

He engages with a number of respected KM (Knowledge Management) Networks globally to listen, learn and contribute to the debates around all aspects of KM

He’s also delivered talks around the world at KM Conferences mainly discussing how to capture experiential knowledge but also how it can be applied in day to day project work and through COPS

Outside of his family, he loves Cricket, the TV Series West Wing, the writings of Tolkien, Early Music, Japan and its culture and the mighty Pink Floyd.

Andrew retains a passionate curiosity about the world and want to challenge employers to deliver better KM for knowledge workers to fulfill their dreams.


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