How to Create Online Community with Susan Tenby Episode 2

Susan Tenby
  • Global Director of Community at TechSoup where I oversee TechSoup’s Social Media, Community Forums and Events, Net Squared program, and will develop the overall Community Management strategy for TechSoup
  • Online Community, Social Media and Partnership Director of Caravan Studios, where I run all the social media channels, recruit volunteers, identify and engage influencers, curate relevant content, plan and participate in both online and on-the-ground monthly events, speak publicly on behalf of the organization and spearhead development opportunities via network mapping and creation.
  • TechSoup Online Community and Social Media Director, where I was responsible for the strategy behind the community team’s promotion, management and direction of the TS community forums and social media channels.
  • Designing a social networking and live, interactive event plan across the social graph for the community that TechSoup serves
  • Runs the social media accounts for the legendary all-female rock band, The Go-Go’s.
  • Launched a community of over 400 nonprofit staff members and volunteers in Second Life.
  • Asked to Testify before the US Congress about this work in virtual worlds
  • Runs an active monthly online community meet-up in San Francisco for fellow online community managers in he SF Bay Area to exchange ideas and best practices with a membership of over 1500
  • Frequently speaks at conferences on online community & social media best practices
  • Subject Matter Expert who writes and consults on the topic of online community building in its various forms.
  • Has deep understanding of what it takes to launch and sustain a community from the ground-up and has done this successfully many times with many of my philosophies being kept in practice for over 10 years.
  • Specialties: Second Life, Social Networking Apps, Conference Speaking Appearances, Clips, Blogs, Groups, listserv’s, Community Management

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