Jacob Løfdahl – PKS BYNTK Podcast

Listen as Jacob Løfdahl shares from his work experience in the European Space Agency on how knowledge flows through the culture. Motivating the workforce or as Jacobs labels it, “egoistic altruism”.
Jacob is a Knowledge Management and Innovation professional drawn to the field of human computer interaction,
and the creation of technological structures and processes meant to
enhance productivity through the design and implementation of IT solutions aimed at meeting corporate and end-user needs. He earned a Master’s in information studies and technology from the
University of Aarhus, Denmark, and is a former graduate trainee with the European Space Agency’s Corporate Knowledge Management Team and a co-author of the following:
– International Astronautical Congress 2019: The Role of Knowledge Management in Innovation at the European Space Agency
– International Astronautical Congress 2020:The Impact of Organizational Culture on Knowledge Management
– International Astronautical Congress 2020:Knowledge Management in Academic and Industrial Institutions Related to the Aerospace Field.
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