Knowledge Connection and Purpose with Moria Levy

Dr. Moria Levy is one of the foremost thought leaders driving the knowledge management discipline forward. In 1998, Dr.  Levy established ROM Knowledgeware, a firm specializing in KM. ROM turned out to be one of the biggest KM firms worldwide, nowadays with 40 employees daily serving KM organizations worldwide. Moria didn’t settle for owning and leading a big KM firm, exceptional in its size in this evolving market. She pushed forward to develop new methodologies addressing intranets, lessons learned, knowledge retention, collaborative knowledge development, and more. These methodologies, based on fieldwork, were later the basis for her research papers and books, having nowadays over 1,000 citations. In 2017 Moria Levy was included in the Journal Impact Factor of Thomson Reuters.

​Dr. Levy led the first worldwide initiative of a KM standard: the Israeli KM standard SII25006. This standard was published In 2012 and was the foundation on which KM in Israel later developed. In 2015 she was chosen by the International Standards Organization (ISO) to lead a global experts team in developing  a KM standard. This resulted in ISO30401 – Knowledge management systems an agreed upon comprehensive compass for knowledge management excellence.

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