Our Computing Future with Beth Carey

Beth Carey is Co-Founder and CEO of Pat Inc, an award-winning language understanding platform representing meaning for machines to enable human-like interactions.

Beth has a history of establishing and growing corporate technology businesses, leading large teams of technologists at IBM and Fujitsu, and facilitating the world-class IBM Leadership Development program across Asia-Pacific. She has established and exited an equestrian business and is the past inaugural Ambassador for global organization Women in AI.

At Pat Inc, they have developed a meaning-based NLU (Natural Language Understanding) algorithm for the world’s languages which humanizes conversations with machines. Pat’s origin represents a ‘David and Goliath’ story, as it’s one that demonstrates solving an ‘hard AI’ problem doesn’t always require brute force. Pat has won Best New Algorithm for AI 2018/2019 at the global AI awards, Best Technical implementation for AI 2019/2020 and was a finalist in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, XR Education Challenge. In 2021, Pat was a nominee for the Edison Awards.

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