We offer two public service podcasts

Because You Need To Know - This educational program is your digital resource of valuable conversations with nonprofit and knowledge management enthusiasts from across industries and from around the globe. Let the knowledge sharing begin!  #BYNTK

KM Lobby - This educational program delves deeper into the world of Knowledge Management. This podcast is features a three host multinational approach to gaining deep insights from experts. Executive Producer and co-host Ginetta Gueli, with Monica Danese-Perrin and Edwin K. Morris. #KMLobby

Carolyn Mumby – BYNTK

By PKS KM / June 9, 2021

Carolyn shares a great perspective and analysis tool to help teams understand more of the work dynamics. Performance is not the…

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Dr. Turan Ayvas – BYTNK

By PKS KM / June 4, 2021

Did you think you could actually manage knowledge? Hear how the research panned out for Dr. Ayvaz in his learning journey…

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KM Lobby – Incredible Edition with Abbe Wiesenthal

By PKS KM / June 2, 2021

The parts of your KM puzzle and how you get started with documentation and or content. Storing and sharing are equal…

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Bruce Boyes – PKS BYNTK

By PKS KM / May 23, 2021

Get your gloves and over boots because we are heading into the KM Garden to farm the knowledge! Organizational Knowledge is…

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Ana Neves (2nd)- BYNTK Podcast

By PKS KM / May 5, 2021

Answer this call to action from Ana Neves. She is conducting a very important survey of your organization on how the…

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Bill Kaplan – BYNTK Podcast

By PKS KM / May 4, 2021

Deep dive into municipal knowledge challenges. What will society do to improve how we govern? Bill shares his expert perspective. _________________________________…

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Michael Gates – BYNTK Podcast

By PKS KM / April 25, 2021

Conversational Examinations of the elements that directly effect the culture. What are you doing to make things flow better? Michael Gates…

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BYNTK with Bart Verheijen (2nd)

By PKS KM / April 21, 2021

Bart describes the people networking and understanding that can be gathered for understanding the work culture. GuruScan is the way he…

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KM Lobby PKS – Incredible Edition – Paul Corney

By PKS KM / April 16, 2021

The golden path of knowledge management and the role of CILIP, (CILIP is the UK library and information association.) in leading…

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Derek Bostic – PKS BYNTK Podcast

By PKS KM / April 10, 2021

Discover, Dream, Design and Destiny using your positive change in a the life giving forces of your organization. Discover what Appreciative…

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