Tacit Knowledge, Learning, and Qualitative Metrics with Maggie Starkey

Maggie Starkey is an accomplished Knowledge Management Specialist with 10+ years of distinguished performance in multiple roles in the manufacturing industry. She is an innovator who seeks out opportunities for improvements and implements new ideas to make a positive difference for her colleagues at Kraton Corporation. In 2020, she found her passion for knowledge management after seeing the vast amount of knowledge being lost at Kraton and became the key player in the creation and implementation of the Knowledge Management program. She holds an associate degree in business management and a BS in Public Relations and Marketing and a MS in Knowledge Management. Among her vast knowledge from experience and higher education, she regularly attends conferences and trainings to continually be a great leader, expert in knowledge management and other key areas that tie directly to KM.

She is a change agent for Kraton, continually developing and implementing new tools and mechanisms to improve work processes and share knowledge across the R&D organization she represents at Kraton. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her boyfriend, playing with her dog, Bella, and cooking.

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