Decision Making at the Speed of Relevance with Brett Patron

With over a decade in the KM field, Brett Patron is a Senior Knowledge Management Advisor for the Office of the Chief Knowledge Officer of US Army Training and Doctrine Command.  Previously, he was a Deployable KM Strategist with Joint Enabling Capabilities Command (JECC), based in Norfolk, Virginia.  With JECC he deployed on over 30 missions globally over 4 1/2 years, including twice to Afghanistan. 

Brett served in the US Army for over 22 years (enlisted and officer) and then spent over a decade as a Senior Defense Analyst before joining JECC in 2017.

Brett was born and raised in Queens, NY but now calls Yorktown, Virginia home. He is married, with two children.

He presented KM topics to both KM World (2021) and the ISKO Singapore (2021).  He is also a subject matter contributor to the Association for Talent Development’s “Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Management: Keys to a Culture of Learning” publication (2020). He holds the KMI Certified Knowledge Manager (CKM). 

 He holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Excelsior College in NY and is a 2021 Masters of Science graduate from Columbia University of the City of New York, earning a degree in Information and Knowledge Strategy (IKNS). His IKNS cohort developed new strategies for NASA’s Apollo/Challenger/Columbia Lessons Learned Program.