Designing Learning and Knowledge Flow in Organizations with Moya Radley

Moya (Deacon) Radley serves as Manager of Technical Capability at IAG New Zealand and is an experienced data, information and knowledge management professional, with a track record of leading teams and delivering projects. She is passionate about developing people, and encourage a collaborative and safe culture to help team members become the best that they can be, which helps to enable the delivery of valuable outcomes for organizations.

Moya started her career as a social anthropologist – and worked in that field for around 10 years in South Africa. She was particularly interested in African Philosophy, indigenous healing, and indigenous knowledge networks. After the closure of the Social Anthropology department at the university where she was teaching. Then Moya up-skilled into computers and completed an MCSD.

Her career has included both knowledge and information management roles, especially understanding that knowledge management critically needs to support what we teach our people in the corporate environment. It is a key enabler for people to be setup for success in their roles. Moya has been fortunate to have had opportunities to grow in other domains too, such as business analysis, agile, data governance and learning design and change management. Moya stated, “These skills all work together and intersect to aid my passion for adding value to people and helping to set them up for success – no matter the role I am in.”