Micro-learning at the IRS: Creative Knowledge for self-service with Kelly Barrett

Kelly Barrett has worked for the IRS for 23 years, starting as a Data Entry Transcriber and worked his way up to a Human Resources Education and Knowledge Management Specialist.  Kelly has over 15 years of training project management experience with an expertise in eLearning course development and is a certified Instructional Designer (ISD) and Online Training Professional (COTP).


In 2014 Kelly began researching MicroLearning Videos and how they can increase retention of training. With his Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcasting, he started a program called Self-Help Online Tutorials (SHOTs).  He has since grown the program to an enterprise-wide initiative with nearly 700 SHOTs videos for all 84,000+ IRS employees to view, anytime they need to.  Kelly designed these videos to be 3-minutes or less, which are narrated, and either demonstrate a specific process or action, or they provide information or overviews on a wide range of topics. Kelly recently won the Training Officer Consortium’s Innovation Award for his SHOTs program, and he also personally won the Federal Government Distance Learning Association (FGDLA) Pioneer Award for SHOTs.

MicroLearning IRS SHOTS

Kelly met his wife while working in Data Entry at the IRS and now has two children.  He also is the head volleyball coach for the local Jr High School and coaches his daughter’s Club Volleyball team.  Kelly and his wife enjoy cooking and even published their own cookbook with over 190 recipes and are currently working on their 2nd cookbook.

https://www.govloop.com/author/kellyb94 12 Articles I wrote for GovLoop.  It’s basically a brain dump of my SHOTs program.